Food & Wine

You Know You’re a Food and Wine Traveller When…
You appreciate fine food and wine beyond your local market providore or specialist liquor store.
You enjoy knowing the source and methods by which your meal is prepared and is served to the table.
You want to choose your own schedule. You have no desire to visit ten countries in as many days and prefer to travel with like-minded companions to your choice of food inspired destinations that really allow you to experience your culinary passions.
You don’t just want to ‘tick off’ a destination. You’d rather have an authentic experience to connect, and gain a deeper understanding of a country, its cuisine and culture; visiting marketplaces, enjoying gourmet inspired excursions and meeting culinary leaders in their field of expertise.
You love spending your holiday wondering, “What’s for lunch?” (or dinner, or breakfast for that matter!)

The French Experience

The Italian Experience

The Vietnamese Experience

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