Chicago to New York City

So we know the USA is a wonderful place to visit, with vast landscapes, delicious food experiences and monuments to visit. But, did you also know driving around Chicago (and even New York) is not as bad or congested as you might think. The city is a grid with easy to follow directions and plenty of road signs to help you feel relaxed and happy behind the wheel.

Throughout the city there are ample car parks and garages in case you need to stop or find somewhere to park to pack up luggage near your hotel. There are so many things to see, do and eat in Chicago.

Chicago is one of the biggest cities in the US and is well-known for its architecture. One attraction that comes to mind is The Sears Tower. Sitting at a modest 108 stories high, it is also known as Willis Tower. At the top of this great skyscraper is the ‘Skydeck’, located at level 99. Bravely step out in one of the glass boxes allowing you to stand and look down at the city below through glass.

Driving down the main strip, Michigan Avenue, spot another great piece of architecture, the silver bean also known as Cloud Gate. This amazing piece is seen by hundreds of tourists daily. If it’s art and history that tickles your fancy then the Art Institute of Chicago is a great idea, with artwork by Grant Wood, Mary Cassatt and many others in the collection.

Driving east from Chicago you will arrive at your first stop – Cleveland, Ohio – the home of the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team. Be sure to check out a basketball game while you are here. The games are very entertaining and once you go to one you will want to keep on going back.

Another great attraction for many people who come to this city is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. This is an activity for all types of people and really brings to life the history of Rock and Roll.

Continuing the drive south-east for 2 hours and you will hit Pittsburgh – another unique American city to stop over on your road trip. Full of tourist attractions like the Andy Warhol Museum, the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium and Mount Washington, Pittsburgh will have you wanting to stay for longer. Season permitting, the sport in Pittsburgh is also a great way to understand the passion of the locals and their city, including Hockey and NFL.

Only 6 more hours to go until you arrive into NYC. The drive into New York City, if travelling during the working week, is fairly congested so it would be an idea to arrive early morning or late at night, or alternatively drop the car off to the airport instead of the city. This gives you more time to head on into the city and start discovering what dreams are made of. Driving over the Brooklyn Bridge is an incredible experience, cruising alongside all the yellow cabs that honk every couple of seconds for people to move out of the way. Enjoy the big apple!

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