Expedition Djibouti - Footsteps of the Afar

See Lake Assal and Ardoukoba Volcano as you hike, snorkel, swim and camel-trek through Djibouti.

With its mix of hiking, snorkelling and camel riding this trip is not for the faint hearted. However, if you want to experience life like a nomad as we traverse the Djibouti landscape alongside a camel; hike to the top of a volcano; float in one of the world’s saltiest lakes and come face-to-face with whale sharks then this expedition is right up your alley. The scenery is diverse and spectacular, passing everything from volcanoes, hot springs and salt flats to beaches and forests. Hikes to Lake Assal, Ardoukoba Volcano and Foret du Day National Park are rewarded with free time on the beach at Plage des Sables Blancs and sleeping “Belles Étoiles” (under the stars) at Allouli.


  • Get up close and personal with whale sharks in the Bay of Ghoubbet on a snorkelling adventure
  • Sleep overnight in a traditional Afar hut at Campement Touristique d’Asboley, perched on a hill with spectacular views
  • Watch sunrise from the shores of Lake Abbe, which featured in the original ‘Planet Of The Apes’ movie thanks to its famous chimneys, salt flats and hot springs.
  • Join a Nomad Camel Caravan and trek to Lake Assal, the lowest point on land in Africa and one of the world’s saltiest lakes
  • Look for leopards as you hike through the Day Forest National Park

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