Going to the Sun Road - Montana

The name itself conjures a vision of something very special, and indeed it is. This road is a spectacular feat of engineering, running east to west through the Glacier National Park. It is a self-drive holiday dream with breathtaking scenery ranging from alpine tundra to cedar forests, incredible glacial lakes to mountains that look as if they have exploded out of the earth.

The hard part will be actually getting out of the park with so many places to stop and enjoy this unique countryside. Major highlights include the Jackson Glacier, the “Weeping Wall” and Logan Pass, where you can hike up to a hidden look-out. It is likely that you will see some of the local wildlife near Logan Pass, including moose, mountain goats and bighorn sheep. If you take the time to visit, there is plenty to see off the Sun Road as well, so take one of the tours hosted by the local rangers.

Montana is not usually a stop-off for Australian tourists, but is definitely worth a visit. It’s not often you get a chance to enjoy countryside as pristine as what you’ll find in this northern American state. Montana is known for its good food, microbreweries and farmers’ markets – don’t forget to try some of the local Huckleberry Pie!

Please note that the Sun Road is only accessible from June to mid-late October depending on the snow fall.

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