Luxury Expedition Cruises in Vanuatu and New Zealand

Island Escape Cruises Vanuatu and New Zealand, South Pacific cruises, Vanuatu sailing, Vanuatu islands vacations, Vanuatu cruise ships. On board the Island Passage, you’ll discover the perfectly formed luxury travel experience.

The cruises in New Zealand and Vanuatu are designed to provide the glamour and exclusivity of luxury private motor-yacht cruising, along with an appealing dash of soft adventure. Come along and join us.

Vanuatu is a tropical paradise around 3 hours from both New Zealand and Australia. Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu – just the name is enough to put a faraway look in your eye. Named by Portuguese explorer Pedro Fernandes de Queirós, this island is the largest in the archipelago. It has the Vanuatu’s tallest mountains, the South Pacific’s most delicious beef and the world’s most beautiful beach.

Mountainous and exotically beautiful, Santo has done much for the mystique of the South Pacific. It embraces two contrasting tropical worlds: the western side of the island is wild and untamed with tall volcanic peaks and thick jungle, while the eastern side is a gentle paradise of lush farmland and coral coast. Santo produces copra, cocoa and coffee. It is also famous for its premium beef.

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