Utah - Dinosaur Trail

Forget going to the cinemas for some dinosaur action, Utah is home to the most complete record of fossil life anywhere on earth.

Salt Lake City is highly accessible from domestic airports and the perfect city to start a dinosaur adventure. In Salt Lake City, the capital city of Utah, the state’s National History Museum showcases natural wonders from life in ancient times.

Head up state, around half an hour’s drive north, to the town of Ogden for a day trip where you will walk around the George S Eccles Dinosaur Park, sharing the outdoors with 125 life size sculptures. Before you leave the Salt Lake area, head up to the mountain ski resorts if visiting in winter or try some water sports during summer.

Vernal, 200 miles east of Salt Lake, hosts must see attractions for curious visitors. Touch more than 1,500 dinosaur bones embedded in the mountain and try your hand at a fossil dig in the Dinosaur National Monument and the Utah Field House of Natural History.

On the way to Moab, see the greatest collection of Jurassic bones in the world. At Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry, a colossal 12,000 specimen have been uncovered!

In addition to the stunning and well known Arches National Park, the Moab area has some unique dinosaur themed trails. Walk alongside prehistoric footprints on the Mill Canyon Dinosaur trail and the Copper Ridge Dinosaur Trackway.

Take a trip to the Moab Giants Dinosaur Park when it opens in mid-2015. The park will be mainly devoted to the extensive dinosaur footprints which track the site and transport visitors back in time over millions of years.

From Moab, head east to Colorado or southwest to Arizona or Nevada to continue your USA road trip.

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