Miami Paradise - Motorcycle

You’ll experience the best of Florida on this tour as your ride through the most southern parts of the USA. Head to Florida City and explore the Everglades National Park and the fragile tropical wetlands. You’ll also experience the excitement of South Beach and the laid back lifestyle of the Florida Keys, plus you’ll travel across the world famous Seven Mile Bridge on the overseas highway.

Take a round-trip of the most southern part of continental USA, Miami and the Florida Keys. Spend a few days in the southern section of the US 1, the highway which hugs the US east coast for over 2,400 miles.

Ride to South Beach to avoid most of the heavy city traffic. A hundred years ago this was just a mangrove swamp until some developers dredged up sand from the ocean floor, paved the swamp and turned it into a tropical getaway.

Cruise for an hour southwest until you reach Florida City, the entrance way to the Everglades National Park. Covering over 1.5 million acres at the far south-western tip of mainland Florida, the Everglades National Park protects the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States. A fair portion of the park is actually underwater, and the entire Everglades ecosystem basically a giant, slow-flowing river that is 50 miles wide, but averaging only a few inches deep, so you’ll swap the motorcycle for a canoe to explore.

Soak up the views of the Atlantic and Florida Bay waters on each side of the overseas highway and Seven Mile Bridge down to Key West. The Keys are as much Caribbean as Floridian, and you can’t get this far from the American mainstream without leaving the country anywhere else. Key West itself is quite unique, a laid back community, and still one of the most lively and anarchic places in the USA. Take the opportunity to pose for your photo at the end of the road, the southernmost point in the United States.

Stay for a while or start the journey north back to Miami, stopping in at your favourite places on the way down or new places such as Sugarloaf Key and Key Largo.

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