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Introducing Cartier World Travel

Our tours and experiences are tailored to your individual interests, schedule and budget – they are as unique as you are.

We are highly experienced travel agents with a passion for providing unforgettable experiences for clients. You will see for yourself that we are completely different from all others, whose claim to expertise comes from taking an online quiz about a resort and having that piece of paper. Ours comes from us, our experience in the tourism industry and also from our plethora of customers who have been to many of the locations you may be interested in.


For over the past twenty years, we have been creating personal itineraries that immerse our travellers in the vibrant colours of a place – leaving our clients enriched by EXPERIENCE. We offer the diverse expertise that nobody else can ever seem to duplicate. It’s the PRIDE we have developed on our intimate knowledge and our dedication in sharing the world.

Visit Your Own Backyard