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About Us

About Us

The inspiration for Cartier World Travel came from our French-born director, Elsa, assisting her friends in Australia with their travel plans to France. In 2008 Elsa began escorting small groups of travellers to Southern France. As more and more people were requesting Elsa’s assistance with their French travel plans, Elsa decided to open Cartier World Travel and we were established in 2012.

Since starting, we have now expanded to cover travel around Australia and anywhere internationally, whether for a weekend getaway, a bucket list holiday, camping or relaxing in a luxury resort, we can assist in making your trip a success.

Our itineraries, tours and experiences are tailored to your individual interests, schedule, and budget – they are as unique as you are.
We are a team of highly experienced travel planners with more than 100 years of combined travel experience and a passion for providing unforgettable experiences for our clients.

Meet The Team

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Come in and meet us and see for yourself that we are a unique team that prides ourselves on our knowledge and expertise of destinations in Australia and around the world. We go above and beyond for our clients, wishing to make each trip as unforgettable as the last. Our knowledge comes from our personal journeys, our experience in the tourism industry and also from our plethora of customers who have visited many of the locations you may be interested in.

Over Cartier World Travel’s lifespan we have been creating tailored itineraries that immerse our travellers in the vibrant essence of a destination – leaving them enriched by the experience.

Feel free to contact us about your travel plans. We would be delighted to create a no-obligation suggested itinerary based on your interests, budget, and length of stay.

Cartier World Travel is located in Ballan, part of the Moorabool Shire. We actively support our local community and offer our boutique services and assist clients throughout Victoria and Australia.